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At Sky High, we use a modified hydroponic farming technique to yield the highest quality buds. Our process uses a proprietary blend of mostly organic nutrients to feed our diverse range of strains and bring out the best in each. Though our process is more complicated than at home hydroponics, the principle is fairly simple. Here are a few things you might not have known about hydroponic farming:

What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics simply means growing some form of plant without soil. A lot of people think plants need soil to grow; after all, that’s where plants get their nutrients. Soil, however, is not integral to plant life, plants simply need nutrients and water to grow. Instead, hydroponic farmers use nutrient rich solutions including water and air to nourish their plants. This technique is used growing everything from tomatoes to recreational and medicinal cannabis.

Are all hydroponic plants grown in water?

A lot of people who have heard of hydroponic farming think this technique means plants are grown in water instead of soil. After all, hydroponics means “working water.” While some hydroponics are grown in a water base, others use moist air and other nutrient-rich solutions. Hydroponics with water bases use the Nutrient Film Technique, which is commonly used for lettuces and other small vegetables.

What are the benefits of hydroponics?

Hydroponics offers many benefits for farmers of all kinds. This farming technique gives you complete control over your plants’ environment. That means you can add the nutrients your plant needs and reduce contaminates. For indoor farmers, you can also control the amount of light your plants get and temperature of the room. That means plants can be fruitful year round, regardless of external weather conditions. This controlled environment also reduces the amount of weeds, pests, and other organisms that can be harmful to your harvest.

How are hydroponics used in cannabis farming?

Hydroponics in cannabis farming are the same as growing any other type of plant this way. We use a moist air nutrient solutions, instead of submerging roots in water. Our growers use hydroponic science to figure out the best nutrient blend for each crop to yield the healthiest, highest quality plants.

At Sky High, we leverage hydroponic farming to grow high quality, nutrient-rich cannabis plants. Though we have far surpassed the basics of hydro, the principles remain the same. To learn more about us, follow us on Instagram at Sky_High_Gardens_Seattle, or visit our website today!